“By convention hot, by convention cold, by convention color, but in reality atoms and void.”



You are wanted. You are necessary. You are the only you there is. Don’t be afraid to leave the castle. -j. n. 

Tiny bits of earth tickle me
As I walk past the little yellow lights
Playing crown for the queen palm
I am thinking of the mint coffee mug
On my small wooden study table;
Of Ferris Wheel rides; and spontaneous
shopping at seven-eleven store
I am sniffing the welcoming scent
Of the pillow fabric back in my room
Yet I keep on walking; now the sole
Of my feet pressed upon the still
Warm touch of the muddy brick path
I am now thinking Greece on fair
Sunday mornings, embraced in
Billie Holiday’s jazz – it’s charming
I listen to the wind whisper all
The petty little yearnings of mankind
I make up sweet longing voices

That went on for a while until
My ears are flushed and my soul
Choked up –
One just couldn’t wish so much –


(to be continued…)


The Little, The Grand

When I look at you, I know for sure
I am grasping all the little and the grand
I could be seizing photons one by one
Yet the sun’s vastness won’t fit my hand

When I sit by your side, I realize
Parallel heavens cannot be strange
Oddly enough I find it familiar
For yours is there, inches from mine

When I hold your hand, I am seizing
Another of myself in your universe –
Brave, grateful, lovely, whole, best
While you are still you – absolute, perfect