The River and the Tree


“You are white and tall and swaying,” sang the river to the tree,

“And your leaves are touched with silver—but you never smile on me;

For your branches murmur love songs to the sun- kissed turquoise sky,

And you seem so far above me that I always hurry by!”

“You are laughing in your shallows, you are somber in your deeps,

And below your shining surface there’s a heart that never sleeps;

But all day you pass me, dancing, and at evening time you dream,

And I didn’t think you liked me,” sang the birch- tree to the stream.

So they got a bit acquainted on a glowing summer day,

And they found they liked each other (which is often times the way);

And the river got so friendly, and it ran so very slow,

That the birch-tree shone reflected in the water down below!


-from Crossroads by Margaret Sangster


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