Today I am the crab
Scribbling teals by the seaside,
Today I am the gridlock
The aurora has reviled,
Today I am Sahara
Melting myriad of glee,
Today I am the pendant
Corroded by the sleet,
Today I am the thirty-first
Of the efflorescent April,
Today I am the smoke
But then you whim for zephyr,
Today I am Amaryllis
In a Saffron-filled terrace,
Today I am the heart
You daggered with a glass

But today is set to bound,
But today shall come the eve,
But today is sure to end,
And today shall cast the morrow,

Tomorrow I’m the bluejay
That the lighthouse shall embrace,
Tomorrow I’m the green light
The dayspring shall caress,
Tomorrow I’m Venice
Breeding all the cups of mirth,
Tomorrow I’m the riviere
Lavish of august diamonds,
Tomorrow I am the twenty-fifth
Of the most awaited season,
Tomorrow I’m the scent
That will allure the bliss,
Tomorrow I’m Dianthus
Indeed you’ll wish to kiss,

Tomorrow I’m the heart —
The strengthened heart
You chose to miss






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