Each step she takes,
each leap,
she becomes the archetype
of taken for granted
Left with no choice
she always has to
do the first move;
as if piece by piece
she was made to fill
the frontline of
the battleground
She is always willing
to give space, to give way;
willing to void the spots
she once filled –
because she knew
no one has ever been
afraid of losing her
Every piece of her
has never been averse
of supporting,
every portion of her has
never been cowed to die
so to let others live
Still, the pathways she paved,
the courage she devoted –
all seemed so insignificant
in everybody’s eyes,
no one cares
she’s just too small,
too weak to be valued
But whatever she is
to anybody else’s sight,
she steps forward,
she leaps forward,
she goes no other direction
but forward –
That’s because she knows
forward will always lead
to being something, someone;
she knows that the queen
was once
just a pawn
who kept on



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